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The Bulletin and Scots Pictorial, March 17, 1956, page 16

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The Bulletin and Scots Pictorial March 17, 1956, page 16

Sabrina at Hamilton last night


Sabrina 1956

SABRINA, the girl with the big, round, beautiful blue eyes, burst through her sound barrier in Glasgow yesterday to tell "The Bulletin" that her pet ambition is to keep a home for stray animals.

"I saw so many stray cats and dogs when 1 was looking for my own lost dog in London that I thought I'd like to find a place for them when I have enough money," said Sabrina as she coiled in an easy chair.

Though she won her way to fame on TV by saying nothing, Sabrina smartly parried probing questions, throwing in humorous asides, on current affairs, films, and men.

Of men she said: — "I'm too busy, to get married,'' but confessed she was waiting for the day when she would meet Frank Sinatra.
"He's my favourite film star," she said softly from behind a fringe of lowered eyelashes.

The actress was in Scotland to open a Hamilton ballroom.

Even politicians were aware of the fact

Speaking to Cathcart Unionists in Glasgow last night about the credit squeeze, Mr G. Nabarro, M.P. for Kidderminster, mentioned Sabrina's 40in. measurement and added:

"A different type of squeeze."

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