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Goodnight with Sabrina

Courtesy of Lord Reg, Sabrinafan First Class

Goodnight with Sabrina film reel

Found on eBay in 2015 - the original film.

"The most intimate film of Sabrina yet made, in which you see her slipping out of a glamorous evening gown into an alluring neglige' - watch her revelling in the delights of a silky bubble bath - see her wearing the neatest nightie created - and finally wishing you goodnight from the kind of bed that could only be Sabrina's! Actually filmed in her own luxury flat. 8mm. 50ft."

See Sabrina coming home


taking a bubble bath

and going to bed.

To add to the aural sexuality I added music from Sabrina's hit tunes, Persuade Me and A Man Not A Mouse. Available as ...

Now please, let's all bow our heads and send a heartfelt "Good One!" to Lord Reg.

From Photo Digest, 1959

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