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She may attend Scopus night

Australian Jewish Herald
Melbourne, Victoria.
Fri 5 Dec 1958, page 3


When Sabrina was approached this week to attend a function on behalf of Mount Scopus College, she displayed great interest in the school and promised to attend if at all possible.

The British TV and stage personality is staying at the Savoy Private Hotel on the foreshore at Middle Brighton. The hotel is run by two Jewish partners, Mr. Berthold Kindler and Mr. S. Hofstetter.

On arriving in Melbourne Sabrina and her mother, Mrs. W. Sykes, were at first booked in elsewhere, but the noise of passing trams distressed her and she decided to leave.

On Saturday afternoon her party were out driving when they passed the Savoy Private Hotel and Sabrina was impressed by its appearance. After an inspection she approved the accommodation and she and her mother moved in that day.

Mr. Kindler told the "Jewish Herald" that Sabrina was a charming young lady, unpretentious and modest, and very helpful. She deserved her popularity.

He said that on Tuesday he had approached her on behalf of friends running a function on December 14 in support of the Mr. and Mrs. Mount Scopus competition, and asked if she would attend. She had shown great interest in the College and said she would try and fit in the function if she could.

Mr. Kindler, who comes from Vienna, has been in Australia nine years, and has been at the Savoy most of that time.

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