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Sabrina visits Eastbourne

22 May 1958

Thanks to Sir Paul J for these scans

From the Eastbourne-Herald, 1958-05-17

Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) 1958

SABRINA is coming to Eastbourne on Thursday morning (1958-05-22) to open the new Victor Value Supermarket in Terminus-road.
The ceremony, in which she will cut a tape at the entrance to the shop, will be at 10 a.m.
A police escort has been arranged.


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Eastbourne Gazette, 1958-05-21

SABRlNA, who is visiting Eastbourne especially to preside at the opening ceremony, needs no introduction. Star of stage and screen, a personality known to millions of viewers on International TV, her recent success in America matched the popularity she has long established in Britain.

That is the Sabrina of the lime-light. In private life she finds fun and relaxation in keen shopping and makes a hobby of studying values and comparisons in prices. “Every woman today buys with care" she told a correspondent recently. “If we have one thing in common, it is that all women want full value for money — and if it is an outstanding bargain, so much the better."

When the opening formality is completed, Sabrina will visit the departments and make her own selection from the many bargains on the Victor Value shelves.

A POLICE ESCORT has been provided for Sabrina the film, stage and TV star, who visits Eastbourne tomorrow morning to open the new Victor Value Supermarket in Terminus-road. Afterwards she will visit the different departments of the new store on her own shopping tour.

And to conclude the Eastbourne incident, we have a report of Sabrina's arrival in town.

Sabrina arrives in Eastbourne 1958

Spooky Sabrina act:1 - three months after Sabrina's visit, there was a fatal rail crash in Eastbourne on 25 August 1958 at Eastbourne railway station in East Sussex. The accident killed five people and injured 41 others. There is no indication that the train drivers had been affected by Post Traumatic Sabrina Disorder.

Spooky Sabrina fact 2 - In 2022, Sabrina Cooper of Eastbourne, niece of comedian Tommy Cooper, was murdered. Again, there is no evidence to connect this event with Sabrina's visit in 1958. However, investigations are ongoing at the criminal investigation branch at Encyclopedia Sabrina.

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