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Champagne breakfast for whispering Sabrina

Herald Chronicle (Eastbourne, England)

24 May 1958

Thanks to Sir Paul J

So that is Norma Sykes, the 21-year-old curvaceous charmer from Stockport, Cheshire, better known to her thousands, maybe millions of admirers as Sabrina.

I met her after she had opened the Victor Value store on Thursday. In a demure voice little above a whisper she told me she had breakfasted on champagne, though as we chatted she sipped nothing stronger than a cup of tea and nibbled a modest sandwich.

Sabrina, who said she took her name from “Sabrina Fair,* said that since opening in the Prince of Wales Theatre show, she had had no time to do any more filming. “Blue Murder at St. Trinian’s” was her latest.

“The show,” she said, “seems to go on for ever. It's already been running for 15 months."

No, she had not driven her £6,850 Cadillac Eldorado down from Town.

I suggested that she might have been speeding again—she was fined £2 the other day for driving at 45 miles an hour—which prompted Sabrina to raise her voice and declare that she didn't consider 45 much of a speed.

I asked her if she had been to 1 her home town of Stockport lately. Sabrina flashed me one of her lovely smiles and said . . . nothing ... a trick she might have learned from A. E. Matthews who never answers half the questions put to him.

Which reminded me of the fact that in her first impact on the public in Arthur Askey's TV show "Before Your Very Eyes," Sabrina spoke no dialogue whatsoever.

We bid each other adieu, me still not knowing when she last saw Stockport or even what her current vital statistics are — information which she and hei agent Jerry Maxim seem to treat with all the caution of a war time top secret!

But Sabrina did whisper to a lady colleague of mine that the inches that matter are — 4I ½-18-36!

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