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Welcome to the Encyclopedia SABRINA

Norma Ann Sykes

19 May 1936 - 24 November 2016

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25 January 2018 - Sabrina and a lion, probably from Billy Smart's circus. They are great pix, and I'm as happy as a cat in a box.

Sabrina and lion Sabrina and lion

31 December 2017 - added two new discoveries of Sabrina radio references from Hancock's Half Hour.

27 December 2017 - in 2016 a certain English broadcasting corporation created a radio show about the legend of Sabrina - the river, its fish, and our girl. I provided the Sabrina song for the programme. Enjoy. You can find more of Sabrina on Radio on the Radio Sabrina page.

27 December 2017 - Listen to Barry Crocker recall his days in Melbourne and Adelaide in the Tivoli with Sabrina - including how he became her manager.



Norma Ann Sykes D.Litt (Hon) was the voluptuous British Stockport lass, Norma Ann Sykes, who became Sabrina and accomplished above the hips what Elvis accomplished below.

She was the Cheshire cheese-cake pinup, actress, singer, cabaret star, publicity pioneer, and sex-queen who didn't like to be touched.

She was a 'dumb blonde' who was a genius at self-promotion, an ill-educated teenager because of lengthy hospital stays, and an honorary Doctor of Letters with an impossibly-proportioned figure.

A victim of polio, mocked for her lack of talent and excess of bosom, she became an international phenomenon who dated princes; charmed dictators, the public and cynical reporters; and generated more myths, lies, legends and throbbing memories than anyone else of her era.

She's Our Sabrina.

Welcome to Encyclopedia Sabrina


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BulletSabrina- Norma Ann Sykes - was the impossibly-proportioned darling of Britain, the cast of the Goon Show, and most discerning testosterone-enabled beings during the 1950s and 1960s.

Falling more or less accidentally into an industry for which she was - at first - unqualified, she endured, trained, paid her dues, and thrived to become the biggest, least talented, most photographed celebrity of her day.

Was she, as she herself once said, just a dumb blonde with a 42½ inch bust and a 19 inch waist? Or was she an unacknowledged promotional genius with a native sense of publicity that would make most agents weep with envy?

Please enjoy the phenomenon that was our Sabrina who - until 24 November 2016 - was alive, gorgeous, and fairly well in Hollywood, and in contact with the Sabrina Site!

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You're new here?
You're frightened, confused, overwhelmed by the sheer hugeness of Sabrinastuff? I would not be surprised.
Here's a good place to start your Sabrina experience.

The Life Story of Sabrina
Could there be a miniseries in this?
Vince Gilligan, let's do lunch.


Photos- literally thousands of them. Let's face it: Sabrina was not camera-shy.

Vintage magazines and newspaper articles - hundreds to peruse. Let's face another fact: Sabrina was not averse to publicity, and there was a fascinating farrago of Fleet Street facts and fantasy. Read all of it; believe half of it. Cry out "Bloody Nora!" over the other half.
Bullet Sabrina in Australia 1959 and in 1961

Sabrina in the modern press

Bullet Sabrina in recent books

Social Commentary on Sabrina

Bullet Sabrina University - academic interest in Sabrina

Sabrina in Court - Sabrina has spent quite some time in court - find out why.


Known addresses / potential shrines

  • 1936-05-19 - 25 Buckingham St, Heaviley, Stockport, England [photo]
  • 1948 (approx) - 1 Saville Rd, Blackpool, England (parents' B&B) [photo]. Watch Stevie Page's video.
  • 1955-09-27 - 233 Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, London, W.9 [photo] [from a letter sent to a fan]
  • 1960-08-01 - Sutton Place, NY. [Earl Wilson]
  • 1968-08-01 - Woodland Hills, LA, USA [from a court record]
  • 1968-10-07 - 5432 Calhoun Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA [from a burglary article]
  • 1984-12-19 - Hortense St, West Toluca Lake, CA, USA [from my correspondence with Sabrina. I will keep address fuzzy, just to be safe]

Sabrina's movies. All ten of them. She was always perfectly cast.

  • Stock Car (1955)
  • Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1956)
  • Ramsbottom Rides Again (1956)
  • Just My Luck (1957)
  • Make Mine a Million (1959)
  • Satan in High Heels (1962)
  • House of (the) Black Death (1965)
  • The Phantom Gunslinger (1967)
  • Mountains of the Moon (1967) with Tarzan!
  • The Ice House (1969)

Sabrina's Live Cabaret Shows

  • Chiswick Empire 1955
  • French Capers - 1955
  • This'll Make You Laugh - 1956
  • Pleasures of Paris (London) 1957
  • Pleasures of Paris (Australia) 1958-9
  • Showgirls - 1961

Sabrina's songs. It's not a large discography, but a memorable one. Sabrina sings the sexy blues on vinyl in 1957.


Sabrina's plays on stage. Legitimate theatre, darrrrrrling!

  • Pajama Tops (1965-1966 in Baltimore and St Louis)
  • The Loving Couch (1966)
  • Rattle of a Simple Man (1966)

The Sabrina interviews - by phone, by me.
Also see In Touch with Sabrina - my contacts with Sabrina.


Sabrina references on radio (featuring steam-powered Goon Show references to Sabrina - where this site began!)

Sabrina was an object of fascination and unbridled lust to the Goons - especially author Spike Milligan. Uncover the cryptic references to Sabrina that have puzzled some younger listeners, and forced older listeners to call the nurse and draw the brown paper screens.

Sabrina in the Newsreels - from the days before TV news, the stars appeared before the feature film in the cinema. And Sabrina was often there.

Sabrina's Short Films. When gentlemen's clubs needed to see Sabrina washing her hair, or going to bed!

Sabrina on TV - Before Your Very Eyes, and in America.

Sabrina's advertising was a powerful attractant to men who had trousers bulging... with fat wallets.
Of particular importance is Sabrina's infamous Caltex ad - still popping fly buttons 50 years later.

Readers' Memories of Sabrina. The knees may be older, and arthritic, but many still tremble with memories of Sabrina. Some of these memories are publishable.
Odd things about Sabina: some are very odd indeed
Did you date Sabrina? (Yeah, yeah. Sure you did.).
Anyway, these big names really dated Sabrina.
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Stage name: Sabrina (origins of the name)
Real name: Norma Ann Sykes
Born: 19 May 1936 in Heaviley, Stockport, Cheshire, England.
She was not born in Blackpool or Wales in 1933 or 1938.
Measurements: 42½-18-36 (the trademark "½" was vital. It set her apart from her competition).

"The Hunchfront of Lime Grove"
"The British Bosom"
"The Careless Cleavage"
"Britain's Jayne Mansfield"
"Britain's finest hourglass"
"England's Maid of the Mountains"
"Queen of the Big Top"
"The Juliet with the Built-in Balcony"
"The average Englishman's Goddess of Glamour."
"Poor photographer's model"
"British TV's first sex symbol"
"The Shape"
"La Busto" - Cuban Press
"Blondely bulbous non-actress" - Encyclopedia of British Film.

In the words of Raymond Chandler, Sabrina had curves “to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window”.

Career span: Working years: 1954-1969.
Golden years: 1955-1959

Pinup star, TV celebrity, stage actress, singer, film and TV actor, cabaret and concert performer, self-publicity. Driving [MP3]. Cooking [MP3].

Current status:

Sabrina died on 24 November 2016. Since then, she has not been quite as gorgeous as she was before, but our memories of her burn brightly. Her ashes will be spread in her home town in a secret location.
Do not real the post-mortem crap published by the Daily Mail. Their vicious calumny is biased and often factually incorrect - probably a puerile and vindictive reaction caused by their now-defunct sister publisher The Mail on Sunday which published defamatory lies about Sabrina and were forced to retract them a decade ago. The snivelling cowards now prey on Sabrina's memory now she cannot defend herself.
I dream of photographing those Daily Mail 'journalists' when they are 80 years old and in need of love and care. Let's see how they and their loved ones revel in the publicity of their vulnerability. The editors, staff and culture of the Daily Mail sicken me. Their vilification of our Sabrina is nauseating and craven. They deserve to be slapped in the face on every possible opportunity for their disgraceful cowardice and disrespect.




BulletIf you have found Sabrina stuff, I would be delighted if you contacted me. Yes, even after the site's retirement I am open to exciting new finds. There are precious few undiscovered pictures still to be on the internet but I'm sure there are still a few knees trembling out there, especially in the UK, and those knee-owners may have a buried Sabrina treasure or two in the sock drawer. This is an international philanthropic enterprise, for the benefit of red-blooded males everywhere!

BulletYoung men: go to your aged fathers and grandfathers and say, "Do you remember Sabrina?" If their eyes glaze over and they start drooling, let me know. Personal recollections of Sabrina are valuable.

BulletYou! Yes, you, laddy! I recognise YOU. You were a knee-trembler of the Sabrina generation. This is what you do. Wait 'til the missus is out and rummage through your secret stash of goodies you don't think she knows about. There may just be a magazine, photo or love letter related to Sabrina. Perhaps you have one of these elusive goodies stashed away under your pyjamas?  If you find something, steady your trembling fingers and let me know.

(Puts "Land of Hope and Glory" on gramophone)

Go to it, lads! Sabrina is the last great unexploded bombshell from the busty, blonde 1950s.
We cannot let her memory sink into the abyss of forgotten legends.
We owe it to our sons and grandsons!

(Wipes tear from eye.)

And the final appeal is from Sabrina herself (from Mountains of the Moon)

Thank you - thank you all!

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Queen Sabrina
All hail Queen Sabrina!
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