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Sabrina in Shorts

No, not hotpants. Short movies!
Though I've just got a great idea for a new page...

But if you insist...

At Home with Sabrina ... Goodnight with Sabrina

Sabrina's 9.5mm film classics... she was so big they couldn't fit her into 8mm filmstock.

She always needed that extra half-inch or so.

At Home with Sabrina

(colour, silent, provided Good Lord Reg)

At home with Sabrina cover

Goodnight with Sabrina

(B&W, silent, January 1959 - provided by LORD REG!)

Goodnight with Sabrina cover

"The most intimate film of Sabrina yet made, in which you see her slipping out of a glamorous evening gown into an alluring neglige' - watch her revelling in the delights of a silky bubble bath - see her wearing the neatest nightie created - and finally wishing you goodnight from the kind of bed that could only be Sabrina's! Actually filmed in her own luxury flat. 8mm. 50ft."

At the British Film Industry's BFI site, this cheeky film is categorised under the genres "Documentary" and "Pornography". Very interesting!

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