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Sabrina newsreels
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Sabrina and Stirling Moss 1958

WATCH Sabrina at the 1958 Melbourne Grand Prix with Stirling Moss


WATCH Sabrina at the premiere of Diana Dors' film Yield to the Night, 1956

WATCH Sabrina mixing with French stars in London, 1956??
WATCH Sabrina at Billy Butlin's Charity Golf Match, Clacton Essex 1956
WATCH Sabrina getting her photo taken in 1956
WATCH Sabrina birdwatching at the Olympia. London. Year unknown.
WATCH Sabrina judging Miss Great Britain 1956

WATCH Sabrina at the premiere of Giant, at the Warner Theatre in London - 3 January 1957 (800KB, AVI)

Sabrina at the premiere of Giat 1957

WATCH Sabrina appearing at the Lyceum 18 Feb 1957 to honour Norman Wisdom
WATCH Newsreel of Sabrina at the opening the Granada cinema 1957
WATCH the newsreel of Sabrina's arrival in Australia 1958
WATCH Sabrina's Australian Caltex ad 1959
Sabrina WATCH Our Sabrina at the premiere of 'The Story of Ruth' 1960
Sabrina And you must visit Sabrina on celluloid - her film career! With highlights such as
Satan In High Heels
, House of Black Death, Mountains of the Moon and The Ice House.

And if that's not enough for you, visit the page where Sabrina Sings!

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