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Sabrina's Live Shows!

The best Sabrina is not canned, bottled or filmed. The true glory of the lady must have come from a raw, personal appearance on stage.

Here is a gateway to Sabrina's live shows.

Were you were looking for Sabrina's theatrical plays, including

Chiswick Empire 1955
French Capers - 1955
This'll Make You Laugh - 1956
Pleasures of Paris (London) 1957
Pleasures of Paris (Australia) 1958-9
The Sabrina Show - commencing September 19, 1959 at the Theatre Royal, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

3 March 1960 - according to The Stage, London, Sabrina is co-starring in cabaret at the Singapore Hotel, Miami Beach Florida with American comedians Jerry Lester and Hal Fisher..."

Showgirls - 1961

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Many thanks to 'Karamazov' for the image above - not too flattering, but the first of Sabrina live onstage! Thanks, 'Karamazov'!

Sabrina - Norma Sykes
From a photo I bought on ebay


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