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September 1956


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Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

To start a riot in America, just add Jayne Mansfield to any group of men. To start a riot in England, just add Sabrina to any group of men.

It's not that blondes cause riots - just these two blondes. Pound for pound, inch for inch these girls are equally spectacular. Measuring 40-22-35 and weighing 118 pound, both are 22-year-old beauties who have exploded the quiet of their respective countries.

the boys tore off my clothes

Jayne's exploits are better known, but Sabrina can match her in every respect. When the London TV star walked into a dress shop she was mobbed by 4,000 teenagers. "It was the most terrifying moment of my life when the boys tore off my clothes," said she. Sabrina emerged with some form fitting bruises, much publicity.

 coy Sabrina

Her hand bled and panic ensued

While making a film in England, Hollywood star Steve Cochrane [or 'Cochran' - whatever... Ed.] squired Sabrina around the nightclub circle. At one point they argued about who was stronger. Sabrina won, crushed champagne glass with one hand. Her hand bled and panic ensued.

Sabrina and Steve Cochran
Naturally, the Sabrina Site has a picture of the event from another source: Picture Digest, Oct 1956. Read the article .
And (again, not from this article) at the same event, Steve tweaks Sabrina's ear

Steve Cochran tweaks Sabrina's ear 1956


On another occasion she and her mother sued a playing card company. Seems Sabrina had posed for some Monroe-like nudes. Photos turned up on playing cards.

Sabrina's infamous 5 of spades nudie card
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Born Norma Sykes in a small town in Wales [this is wrong - she was born in Stockport, England - Ed] , she decided to become famous as quickly as possible. She changed her name to Sabrina, taken from the movie; the figure's her own) [ according to Arthur Askey , he chose her stage name, and it was based on the play 'Sabrina Fair'. See other theories here. ] , went to the BBC and asked if she could watch a TV program. She could, and during the afternoon she stood - just stood and watched a TV show.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

She started her first riot then and there with the viewers. BBC wasted no time getting her into a TV show, though she couldn't act, sing or dance. From then on, it was no use manufacturing a toothpaste or beer without an ad of Sabrina approving it.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

After her intial success, she took her father out of the Welsh coal mines [Quite a remarkable feat since he was an engineer in Blackpool at the time - Ed.] and brought her parents to London. Her first movie is 'Ramsbottom Rides Again' [in fact, her first film was 'Stock Car' in 1955. Ramsbottom was released in 1956 - See ' Sabrina Films ' - Ed.] an English western farce. Movie will open shortly in America and she may visit U.S.A to help publicize it.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Only difference between the Texan, Jayne Mansfield, and the Welsh [No! Ed.] rarebit, Sabrina is - they're an ocean apart, physically.

[Until they met! - The dramatic fight is explained here by Sabrina]

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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