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Sabrina's TV advertisement for Caltex


For those who believe Sabrina was just a pretty face and... well, you know... she did appear in a Caltex ad during her Australia visit.

The famous Caltex ad - 4MB, MP4

See Sabrina starring on The Gruen Transfer (Australian ABC TV - 8 April 2009) - 24MB, MP4


See Sabrina's other Australian oil commercial work 3 April 1959

She arrives at a typical Australian service station in a sports car.

Sabrina's Caltex ad

That waist! I'm surprised she doesn't split in half.

Attired for a casual country drive through Manly in 1959, she encounters a smarmy petrol jockey (John Sherwood) who insists she watch him melt two lumps of grease in a Sunbeam electric frypan (which fortunately was sitting nearby, with the grease in place.)

Sabrina's Caltex ad

He even had the gall to address her as "Sabby". Don't you find it interesting how John assures us that they know each other, and Sabrina asks whether his grease trials were fair dinkum, yet they seem to exchange about 4 words between the time she arrives and the time he pulls out the frypan.

 click to read the article of 1959
Click the pic to see the article from 'Pix' magazine of 9 May 1959 which describes the traffic chaos Sabrina caused during filming.

Her acting was superb as she watched the Caltex lump of grease stay firm and solid while the other brand became flaccid and limp.

You could tell she was convinced that Caltex grease was fair dinkum good stuff!

Sabrina's Caltex ad

Enough prologue: enjoy the video of Sabrina's ad , and keep your eyes on those firm and solid lumps.

Extra information contibuted by David:

The ad was filmed entirely on location at the Caltex service station in the Sydney suburb of Manly.

Those who have seen the ad in full will know that there is no sound of Sabrina's car as it pulls up to the pumps, and this is voiced over by the alleged station owner.

This scene was voiced over because about 200 spotty herberts from nearby schools had heard Sabrina was coming to Manly, and were cheering so loud that the soundtrack could not be used.

Sabrina can be seen glancing off camera as she gets out of the car, momentarily distracted by the sound of straining trousers across the road.

More details of the trouser damage caused by Sabrina's ad can be found in the 'Pix' article of 1959.

Sabrina's Caltex ad
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Some comments from the folk at alt.fan.goons ...

It's a wonderful thing you've done for us all. I couldn't take my eyes off that frying pan.


Me either (or is it neither?) I wonder how long it took for the pump jockey to get rid of the glazed look in his eyes, or is he still languishing in a padded cell somewhere, drooling and moaning after such a Close Encounter of the First Kind.


Oh how heartily I did laugh! You can see how he is desperately resisting distraction. In fact me thinks this is where Johnny Vaughan (of Big Breakfast fame in the UK) learnt his technique!

I've even printed it out and will send it to my father who was a spotty teenager when Sabrina was in her prime - I'm sure he will enjoy it muchly.

OOOhhhhhAeoighhhhh! Nurse, the screens, the screens! (MP3)


Let me just load the page and look at the pictures.
The screens, nurse! The screens!


Too late, bring the bucket and mop!!!!!!


Best chuckle I've had on the net for a while. I was around when those ads were running - how come I don't remember that one ???????


You be careful! Harm could come to a young man like that! Those things could take your eyes out a ten paces. Oooh! I like this game. Time for my boxing gloves

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