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Sabrina Judging Miss Great Britain 1956

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Sabrina judges Miss Great Britain 1956

Morecambe, 29 August 1956

Bathing beauties parading along the side of the Morecambe and Heysham Swimming Pool, Morecambe, Devon.
Judges from right to left: Comedian Ben Lyon, TV celebrity Sabrina , Charles Eade, editor of the Sunday Dispatch, Bebe Daniels and singing star Dickie Valentine.

Editorial Note - Sabrina went out with Dickie Valentine's brother when she was 16. Hear and read Sabrina talking about it in our interview .

Contestants: Joyce Taylor from Morecambe. Leila Williams from Walsall.
Marilyn Davies from Stockport (Sabrina's home town - Ed.) . Delyse Humphreys of Sheffield, pan to Barbara Williams from Blackpool, pan to Jean Crook of Lewisham.

Man in crowd stroking his whiskers looking at bathing beauty.
Bathing beauties lined up in front of judges.
Sabrina and Ben Lyon. Ben Lyon takes off his glasses.
Crowd applauding. The winner (Iris Waller of Gateshead) holding the Sunday Dispatch Rose Bowl, posing with Bebe Daniels.
Press photographers.
Iris Waller holding the Rose Bowl.

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And for your further historical fulfilment, we have a souvenir programme from the contest!

Sabrina judges Miss Great Britain 1956

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