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With silence so golden is it any wonder


''Pictureweek", September 25, 1956

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Norma Sykes, a young British lass, has taken her sinfully beautiful figure and a golden silence to get just what she wants - a career as "Sabrina" on TV and the stage. right now, she has made herself just about the hottest thing the English public has had to talk about since Guy Fawkes tried to blow the lid off the house of Lords.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

A year ago, no one had ever heard of Norma Sykes. She lived in an obscure mining town of Wales [so obscure that she never lived there - Ed.] where there was not much hope of her being magically discovered. She packed a bag one weekend and took the trip to London. There an agent spotted her and got her to appear for one brief instant on a TV show. Norma, or Sabrina as she now called herself, said absolutely nothing on the show. She just looked. The TV station was deluged with phone calls and letters wanting to know who the "Silent Sabrina" was. In no time at all, Sabrina was christening boats, cutting ribbons at new bridges, opening hospitals and appearing at London first-nights.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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Her schedule became as full as the Queen's. She couldn't make a gesture without full newspaper coverage. Now, Norma Sykes has brought her parents to London,

Sabrina and family

and there in a West End flat she receives the press and displays her famous curves.

But Sabrina has still not uttered a word in public. Whatever she may say at home is strictly off the record. Her act is simple. She merely appears, looks ravishingly beautiful, stuns everyone who gazes at her, smiles prettily - and that's it. It is a golden silence that has been paying off in the Pound Sterling.

Sabrina's eventual ambition is to become an actress. To do this she'll have to try speaking parts on of these days. Perhaps she'd be wiser to remain silent.

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