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Sabrina Newsreel 1958

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Big Welcome - Sabrina is Here

Miss Norma Sykes, better known as Sabrina arrives at Kingsford Smith airport from Hollywood where she has been discussing film contracts. Meanwhile, Sydney's been discussing Sabrina and inside the airport terminal press and newsreel men photograph and interview her.

Australians have seen the world's shapeliest blonde in J. Arthur Rank pictures but this is the real thing! In case you've forgotten, the vital statistics are 41 and a half, 18, 35. She's in Sydney for an hour and then her plane takes off for Melbourne. The crowd is still there to see her leave, most of the suffering severe eyestrain.

There's another big welcome in Melbourne and Sabrina is reunited with her mother who somehow lost her in Rome. Fancy anyone losing Sabrina!

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes See the newsreel Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes


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