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Sabrina Strikes a New Note

Daily Mirror, 31 May 1956

Originally found in the 16 June 1956 edition of Perth's Mirror, the article only consisted of this:

Sabrina sings

Sabrina's singing lesson was scheduled for 3:15pm.
"This girl is very keen," said singing teacher Maurice Burman. "She's never late."

He was right. Sabrina appeared on the dot - dressed as if for a garden party.

But in September 2012 I stumbled upon the full article in The Daily Mirror of 31 May 1955 :

She wore a flowered off-the-shoulder summer dress, white open-toed shoes and a light woollen stole.
"I love the summer," she said, and gave her shoulder-length blonde hair two quick sweeps with a comb.
"Okay," said Sabrina, "Let's start."

Norton, who is Mr, Burman's spaniel, gave an appreciative sniff at Sabrina's ankles.

"My wife wanted to take him for a walk," said Mr. B, "but he just wouldn't go. Somehow be always seems to know when Sabrina is coming for a lesson."

The girl from Blackpool stood poised before the microphone.

Mr. Burman switched on his tape-recorder. "One, two, three," he counted — and off went Sabrina.

"Darling, dear, it's getting late — the clock has just struck one"*

Sabrina managed the opening refrain of "Blow Out The Candle" in a firm professional style. Her singing is soft and sultry. The voice may not be powerful — but it's provocative.Every now and then she wiggles her hips, sways and quivers. Norton, the spaniel, moved in a little closer.

"Good girl," said Mr. Burman. "Keep it up."
Sabrina kept it up — more swaying, swinging and singing.
At the end of the song, Mr. Burman was sweating a little. So was Norton. So was I. Only Sabrina seemed cool.

"How was it?" she inquired.
"Not bad," said the singing teacher. "Let's run through it again.

Such are the goings on which are currently taking place daily In Flat 39, The White House, Regent's Park, London N.W.

For Sabrina is determined to convince the public she has more to offer than a shapely figure
"The last time I sang in public it was disastrous," she admits. "It was at Chiswick Empire. I lost my nerve. I was terrible.

"Next time it'll he different. I'm sick of just being known as a dumb blonde. I'm going to make good."
Sabrina's singing will come as a surprise for B.B.C. TV producer Richard Afton.

For Afton is producing a summer show at Blackpool, "This'll Make You Laugh" in which Sabrina is one of the stars.

"It's going to be a wonderful show," she says, "They bought me some magnificent clothes — one of the dresses cost £400.


"They've got a very funny sketch for me, too. But I want to do more than that
"That's why I'm learning this song — and paying for the lessons.

"When I see Mr. Afton I shall sing it for him and I hope he'll put it in the show,"
Sabrina returned to the microphone. Mr. Burman returned to his white piano. Norton the dog returned to Sabrina's ankles.
Sabrina started up again. At the end she seemed a little breathless.

"Can't you breathe deeper?" inquired Mr. B.
"It's this dress," explained Sabrina. "It's too tight."
"How about wearing something looser?" inquired Mr. Burman innocently.
Sabrina gave him a stern look.
"Oh," she said, "That wouldn't be me, you know."

By Clifford Davis

*The opening refrain from Phil Moore's "Blow out the candle" is reproduced by permission of Chappell and Co. Ltd.

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