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A Bust for Sabrina

Sir Knight, Vol 1 Num 9, 1959

I am really pleased to find this article which was kindly donated by Good Sir H (blessed be the name). At long. long last I have a good, original picture of "sabrina against the bricks" (now known as "sabrina-bust3") which was the first picture I ever saw of our Sabby - it took a week for the drool to cease. It lit the fuse that detonated this site.

Now, enjoy - and as a special celebratory treat for BOOBS subscribers, I have provided a MASSIVE 600K version of sabrina-bust3!

Normally I thumbnail all pix to preserve your bandwidth, but this opening pic was FULL PAGE and I think you deserve the full impact of the nipslip

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

a bust for Sabrina

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

One of the best, and certainly the busiest of Britain's postwar exports is Sabrina, whose bounteous blonde charms, having won her fame and fortune via the films and TV screens of England are now on display throughout the world.

Recently, while on a visit to Rome, Sabrina toured the burgeoning art studios of the ancient World capital, intent on having her outstanding features immortalised toward a time when film no longer could put them on suitable display.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

If you thought THAT was big, try THIS Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes if you are a BOOBS subscriber - 795 x 1602 pixels with no watermark!

Above, we see Sabrina viewing the works, colossal and otherwise of sculptor Perov , whom she finally selected to do her immortalisation. Said she, to explain her choice, "This man has caught in clay and marble the eternal beauty of womanhood. I want him to do my bust!"

Alack! I cannot find this Perov on the web, only a long-dead Russian artist with the same name - Ed.

(April 2011 - finally, a picture of the famous bust. No wonder I couldn't find "Perov" when his name was Peikov!)

Sabrina and her statue by Assen Peikov 1958

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ROME: Getting the proper perspective on his work, Bulgarian-born sculptor Assen Peikov compares bosomy British actress Sabrina with the bust of her he's just created. Many stars of stage and screen visit Peikov's studio to have themselves "immortalized" in clay. 21 November 1958.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Perhaps to satisfy her legion of homeland fans, who felt that making another bust of Sabrina was like carying coals to Newcastle, the golden-blonde actress also posed for a portrait by the well-known nude-specialist Novella Paragini , but said, "A painting is not quite the same as a bust."

I can find the late Novella's website but alas, no mention of Sabrina.- Ed.

Sabrina sitting for her sculpture

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

At any rate, Rome, long known as the City of the Seven Hills, has now had its ante upped to nine!

This article also explains the "whitecap" pix that have long confused me... such as this

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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