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How Far Can You Go On A Gimmick?

Photoplay, March 1956

Sabrina cover

OUR Cover Girl - the bewitching Sabrina - shows no signs of tiring in her race to become the best-known blonde bombshell in Britain.

Within a year, she has netted more publicity than Diana Dors, no sludge herself at piling up the press clippings. She can, according to TV critic Richard Webb, demand and get a 100 guinea fee for cutting a tape or opening a shop anywhere in Britain.

Incredible, isn't it, that a girl who has done so little (one TV series, one film and a variety stint) should so soon have become a household word. How long can it go on? How far can she go on her dumb blonde gimmick?

A long way, it would seem. For already more TV is lined up for her, more variety - and more films. The answer is, of course, that Sabrina is a character. And we are short of characters in this country.

Sabrina on the phone

Consider, if you will, what happened when her friend Steve Cochran left the country. Sabrina was photographed at the airport in tears.
"Because Steve's gone?" asked a friend.

"No," said Sabrina. " Because he's taken my doggy: and I love my doggy ." (Click to see more of the doggy story)

Says Sabrina now, in that slight North Country accent of hers: "I am determined to stay in show business. I may even go on being a dumb blonde; silly dumb, not silent - like Judy Holliday."

Well, there she is on our cover. And if you take another look, you'll probably agree she doesn't really have to say anything!

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