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Sabrina's Secret Diet

On the QT , May 1963

(A Sir H contribution)

Sabrina, the blonde, busty daughter of a respectable middle-class Manchester family, is a big girl—but big in a way that many gals would love to be. She's the one who boasts the incredible 42-inch forward look.
But she's also a small girl—boasting an equally incredible 18-inch waistline that makes every gal swoon with envy.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Around the bottom, she's a respectable 35, and that completes the measurements of this sensational British beauty who's been dated by such VIP's as the Duke of Kent, the Marquis of Milford-Haven, and Prince Christian of the House of Hanover, admired by millions of men and photographed in every conceivable angle with a certain bountiful portion of her anatomy prominent in the picture.

Now let's face it, Sabrina's got no secret formula that will enable other girls to become her bosom buddies. That's a trick that was turn­ed by the accident of heredity, an accident that is fortunately rare in one respect; otherwise this old earth would be a lot more crowded than it is now.

BUT that tiny 18-inch waist, so small a man's hands can almost en­circle it—that's something else again. Rare it may be, but keeping it that way is a problem that has baffled other lucky women down through the years. No amount of drugs, dietary supplements or miracle 30-day crash diets seems to do the trick, and sadly most trim beauties surrender in the Battle of the Bulge. That's life.

Not so with shapely, 24-year-old Sabrina. Her famous figure fluctuates so infrequently she could get a prime-risk policy on it from Lloyds of London. And when it does vary from the Sabrina Bureau of Standards statistics, the outstanding blonde can whip it back into shape faster than you can say 42-18 1/2 -35 1/2.

Sabrina could get into such a fix in the first place by forgetting herself at a party as she did last year. "I had a smashing New Year's Eve with Elvis Presley and a gang from Hollywood," she said. And some­where along the line she picked up five extra pounds—flesh, not funds, dearie.

It took super Sabrina only a week to lop off the offending avoirdupois, thanks to her secret diet.
On the other hand, Sabrina has been known to drop a vital ounce or two during her strenuous and electrifying version of the Twist, surely one of the most spectacular sights to be seen any­where. But here again it's only a matter of diet before the substandard epidermis is fluffed up to its normal poundage.

"Diet is the darndest thing," confesses the svelte Sabrina. "And I adore good food. Everything except oysters and frogs' legs. They are too, too revolting,"

The thing about Sabrina is that she's not a tall girl, and only a few extra pounds would send her skidding down the road to dumpysville. Neither she nor her panting admirers would care for that sort of thing, don't y'know.

So, in general, her diet consists of two meals a day of grilled steak, green salads and fresh ripe fruit. Now there's nothing secret about this regime; it's a popular one with many folks in the entertainment field. It's slow, but it seems to work.

But the real drastic diet that keeps Sabrina looking like the top secret sketch for the Air Force's X-42-18-35 fighter plane, Sabrina has kept mum about until now. In the interests of public service, and in the hope that more and more girls will look like Sabrina — or try to — On the Q.T. smashes the flesh barrier. Here's how the blue-eyed baby-doll does it:

Breakfast between 11 a.m. and 12 noon: two hardboiled eggs, two slices of dry toast, and one cup of black coffee or tea, no sugar.
Lunch at 4 p.m.: one tall glass of fresh fruit juice with one or two teaspoonfuls of glucose—not sugar—added.
Dinner at 7 p.m., or later, is the same menu as breakfast, except you add one piece of fresh fruit like apple, pear, or peach. No alcohol of any kind.

If you feel like climbing the wall in a hysteria of malnutrition, you may squeeze a third meal in between the two, the same menu as the dinner.

To reach her optimum proportions, Sabrina used daily exercise, but once on the plateau she wanted, the diet alone was sufficient to keep her there. Of course, there were only two places she had to concentrate on—the waist and the hips. The rest of her takes care of itself—and her, too.

Just one look at Sabrina was enough to bat the cigar out of the bearded phizz of the Big Barbudo of the Caribbean, Fidel Castro, when the one-time Norma Jean Sykes was a guest of the Cuban government a few months back.

And speaking of Lloyds of London, Sabrina did have some dealings with that wise old firm a few years ago. Despite the fact that "the rest of me seems to take care of itself," Sabrina was taking no chances. She insured her twin bundles from Britain against shrinkage at $7,000 per inch. There is no record of her ever collecting. If anything, Sabrina owes them a couple of bucks since those days.

A few years ago Sabrina could say, "Whatever Jayne Mansfield is, I'm half an inch more."
Today, with the obvious success of her secret diet, she could say, "What­ever any of those busty gals is around the waist, I'm half an inch less."
Probably several inches less.

by P.R. Brolich

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