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The Curious Incident of

Sabrina and The Twist, 1962

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7 January 1962


Society digs the Twist

HELLO world!
On Thursday night at the Peppermint Lounge, the first Twist lounge in the Southern Hemisphere, the tables trembled, the floor fluttered and feet blistered as Society twisted.

Some of the leading names in Sydney society gave forth uninhibited displays of the new world-wide dance craze, the twist.

I was there from the start of the show, and during the evening I rubbed shoulders and bumped hips with people like Mrs T. N. Tien, wife of the Consul-General for China; Mademoiselle Simoens, Consul for Belgium; the Laurie Le Guays, Dr and Mrs Mc Inerney, Mrs Bill White, Dr and Mrs I. Listwar and Sabrina !

In the exact replica of Manhattan's slightly seamy nightspot, The Peppermint Lounge, Mrs Marcel Dekyvere, among others, appeared to relax completely and surrender to the pulsating, driving rhythm of the very often much-too-loud music.

In the crowded room, with its deliberately cheap decor and raucous music, Sydney Society revelled in the Twist. Whether it's the novelty, or a genuine liking for eurythmics, it's still a little early to tell. One of the things that caught my eye was the fact that very few people gave in.

Nearly all those that were there at the start were there at the finish, maybe a little worse for wear — but what the heck — it was free!

Sydney's leading masseurs will have the busiest weekend of their lives reconditioning biceps, triceps and what have you. And by the same token, the slimming schools should notice a slow-up in business.

Many comments over-heard were to the effect — "Slightly tiring, my dear, but how terribly, terribly good for the hips."

7 January 1962 - Sydney Sun-Herald

Twist Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

AUSTRALIA'S newest industry, the twist, has attracted an investment of many thousands of pounds all in the space of the few months that it has taken this country to jump on the world­wide twist waggon.

It's exactly a year since Chubby Checker, an originator of this dance, visited Australia. He was unable to create any interest when he performed the twist at the rock opera house, Rushcutters Bay.

The prophet returns in triumph this week to a nation that will be frantically twisting — or dance teachers, music publishers, investors, and record plant owners will want to know why.

President Kennedy boosted the American industry by twisting. Can the local trade hope for a similar endorsement?

France turned the twist into the "tweest". What will the Australian variation be? Will if be a case of "Twist Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" or "The Pub With No Twist?"

The twist business has already been responsible for the return of Sabrina to these shores.

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