Transport Tycoon Game Score Calculations

Josef Drexler's analysis of the game score

OK, I've worked out the formula for the performance rating.

Note that this is for the deluxe version, I'm not sure if this is the same in the original TT as well, but I suspect so.

It's a series of conditions you must meet, with each condition giving a certain number of points out of the 1000 possible points:

40,000 units of cargo delivered in the last four quarters
120 trains*
80 station parts, each bus stop, station, etc. counts extra
10,000** minimum profit of all trains at least 2 years old
100,000 maximum quarterly operating profit in last 3 years
50,000 minimum quarterly operating profit in last 3 years (i.e. the quarter with the least profit must be over 50,000)

8 different types of cargo delivered in last quarter

10 million cash
Less than 250,000 loan (ie. zero loan=50 pts, 250k loan=0 pts)

Total: 1000

* For brevity, I say trains when I really mean either trains, planes, ships or road vehicles If you only have, say, half of the requirement, you'll only get half of the points, it's roughly proportional (except for the rounding). If you have a negative value, you get zero points. So, you work out what you have and add all points you get, and that's your performance rating.

**All money values are given in/have to be converted to British Pounds

Any questions? Yes, you there in the second row...

"mumble mumble" Ah, of course. To improve your rating, you could

- deliver more cargo, 10,000 units a quarter will do
- buy more trains/planes/ships/busses/trucks, you need 120
- build more station parts, not necessarily new stations, you need 80
- make sure all two year old trains make a profit of at least 10,000, or cheat and replace the ones that don't, so that they're not two years old anymore.
- have one quarter where you have at least 100,000 operating profit
- have no quarters with less than 50,000 operating profit. It may take three whole years for you to be able to meet this!
- deliver all types of cargo, not just coal or passengers, but at least eight different ones, with any type of transport, from anywhere to anywhere, just transport it. I don't know if a forced unload counts, though.
- have 10 million cash (that should be easy :)
- have no loan (also easy)

Thanks, Josef!