My TT photo album

Odd things seen along the way during my travels in the Transport Tycoon World

I win the competition for finding the smallest Transport Tycoon town:

I pity the driver of this truck...

Mark Townend reported this odd vision to

Phil visited the cathedral to say:

Greetings, oh holy Saint Mark. It is I, Phil, and after a long fast of personal sacrifice (not visiting the church for a while) I have returned, bearing an interesting screenshot from the demo version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe...observe how the benevolent Lord Chris has permitted these two trains to exist in the same space - this isn't a doctored screenshot - these are two trains passing through each other in a tunnel. Hence I have dubbed it the 'tunnel bug'. Again, it has little use, but is certainly interesting. Phil Boulain

Chookman had an interesting observation during his travels:

Ever wondered what happened if you just kept playing the game with its inflation rate skyrocketing? I've heard about the money bug in earlier versions that has been fixed but what about this one? The maximum money in TTD is around 4.2 billion so when the inflated cost of constructing an industry passes this limit it becomes negative and gives you money instead. It also works on the actions you can do in towns (advertising, funding new buildings etc).

Building an oil refinery yields income!


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