My RUDE photos

by Doris Spitworthy

Serving sick puppies since August 2000

Don't tell Micky but I've decided to show a few NAUGHTY photos we took one day with a Polaroid camera! 
These were taken when I was WELL into my diet... and you sure can tell I'm looking a lot trimmer than I used to be!

Click the thumbnails if you're MAN enough to see the BIG picture!

Check out a naughty video I made with Micky just before he had to go to hospital! (WMV, 1.8M)

Doris Spitworthy's mum

I dedicate this page to my mother (pictured above) who had a big heart, amongst other big things.

Doris Spitworthy's sister Susie

My sister Susie came over to enjoy my garden one day

Doris Spitworthy - blonde!

Here I am in a blonde wig feeling a bit sinful!

Doris Spitworthy's slim friend

At the end of a busy day, my slim friends come by to supervise my diet.

Doris Spitworthy intimate portrait

For my birthday, Micky took me to one of those portrait places that do intimate portraits. It only cost $200 for the pictures, $300 for the lingerie, $160 for the wig, $54.66 for the photographer's sedatives, $1230 for the Jumbo-size tub of body makeup, $23,000 for the plastic surgery and $300 for the repairs to the bed. All in all, quite a bargain to look so svelte and sexy!

Doris Spitworthy's weight loss advice

I must admit I'm a smoker. If I didn't smoke, I bet I would put on weight!

Doris Spitworthy snack

My pre-shower snack gives me the energy to soap myself ALL over!

Doris Spitworthy slumber party

I enjoy slumber parties with my girlfriend.

Doris Spitworthy being seductive

Come and get me, big boy!

Carefree Doris Spitworthy
I'm just a carefree little girl at heart.

Doris Spitworthy

I enjoy going to nude beaches, but for some reason all of the ones near my place have closed recently. It was funny that day when I was sunbathing on the beach and those nice Greenpeace boys tried to push me into the water. They must have thought I wanted a bit of a swim!

Doris Spitworthy at the beach

I hope you enjoyed these.  Micky was so overcome that he went off to a boy scout's jamboree for A WEEK after taking them!

Some kind readers have sent me pictures of themselves after having seen my naughty piccies.
I think I may be a little too much WOMAN for them!


Firstly, the opinion of the "man in the street"...

Men responding to Doris Spitworthy

And here's one of Micky's friends at the gym who saw my pictures

Doris Spitworthy induces manly reactions

Thanks for the "feedback" boys!

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