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A Golden Wish for Sabrina

29 March 1959 , Sun-Herald

Blonde showgirl Sabrina was mobbed at a fete which she opened at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick [in Sydney], yesterday .

More than 100 people rushed to her car when she arrived at the hospital, and imprisoned her in it for several minutes.

A crowd of about 300 followed Sabrina around the fete, at times packing around her eight and nine deep.

A path had to be cleared for her to the oflicial dais.


After Sabrina had opened the fete, the crowd tried to follow her into the Medical Superintendent's house.

People peered through the windows of the house hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

The fete was organised by Randwick Rotary Club in aid of an appeal for a cancer and surgical research unit.

Sabrina threw into a wishing well a sovereign which she "had carried with her since childhood."

The appeal fund which was opened on March 5, now totals about £2,000.

The hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr R. F. Kaye-Webster, said the target was £40,000.

He said the research unit was needed to allow Australian physicians to do research in their own country instead of having to go overseas.

Sabrina makes her wish 29 March 1959

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