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Sabrina's Got Problems

The Evening Standard
27 June 1961
Earl Wilson

NEW YORK - Sabrina's got problems.

So you gals who'd like to have more exclamatory figure, something a little more top-heavy, just sit back and relax while I tell you of the troubles facing the blond British beauty because she's built like that.

"Mind you, I never knock it," says Sabrina, "because that's how I started, but ..."

Sabrina was sitting beside me having a cup of tea. There wasn't a boy friend in sight. "My mother is afraid I'm going to wind up on the shelf," she said. "You see, a girl of my figure attracts the strangest men."

Sabrina confessed that one beau went to Reno with her when she appeared at Bill Miller's Riverside Hotel — and he lost her money at gambling — her whole pay check.

"He's a Texan, sort of a gamber, and I figured he might win me some money, but he lost it instead. But that's the story of my life," Sabrina added sadly.

All of my boy friends take me for my money!"

I was shocked that guys would expect money from such a dazzler, but Sabrina said:"I met a boy in Australia. He promoted himself from my boyfriend to my manager and he took me for my money, too.

Then there are the producers - "They think a girl with a figure like mine must be just a dumb blond" - and the reviewers - "They come to review my voice and dancing, and review my figure intead. I get good reviews but I'm not happy with them because they're about my statistics."

Sabrina added: "I don't like this any more. I'm fed up with it!"

Some of her beaux "want to show me off," others get very jealous when people look." And then people are always being friendly - and they're really enemies.

"I have natural golden blond hair but somebody in Las Vegas got me to tint it blue. That about ruined it. It started coming out."

I looked across the table at her - at her golden tresses.

"Is that a wig?" I asked.

"Yes." she admitted. Because I'm letting my real hair grow out. And because I'm lazy. It just proves," Sabrina said, "that everything has to be natural."


This addition appeared in The Progress-Index , Petersburg-Colonial Heights Va. Five bonus points go to the first Sabrinafan who can explain why The Evening Standard left this out...

27 June 1961

One more problem. There's a stripteaser around using the name Sabrina. "It's hard enough trying to play down my statistics, let alone having to play down being a stripper." Sabrina's going to court, or something, to prevent that other Sabrina from calling herself Sabrina.
So you gals who don't have Sabrina's measurements —congratulations!

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