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Sabrina Girds

23 March 1957 - Winnipeg Free Press

Sabrina Girds W19; Poof Go $70

LONDON (CP) — A sceptical Polish leatherworker has learned the hard way not to question the authenticity of one of Britain's more prominent landmarks.

The vindicated landmark is Sabrina, the blonde starlet who brings the television screen just a little closer to the Briton's living room. Her proclaimed measurements — 41-19-36 — are seldom questioned by the viewer.

But they were vigorously challenged by Zygfryd Szmidt, a 34-year-old former Polish serviceman who runs a handicraft shop in Plymouth.

Mr. Szmidt, proclaiming the figures "impossible." sent Sabrina a 19-inch belt of his own manufacture and offered to give $70 to her favorite charity if she could wear it.


With a willing Daily Mirror columnist acting as referee, Sabrina underwent her ordeal by leather. She took a deep breath. "It was fantastic," the referee reported and two men buckled the belt around her waist.

"Quite comfortable," said Sabrina and wore the belt during her half-hour radio show. Spectacular photographic evidence duly appeared on The Mirror's front page.

Mr. Szmidt invited to contribute the $70 to a dogs' home, had public sympathy on his side as he held out for a little more for his money.

"I want to see Sabrina put on the belt herself before I pay up," he said.

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