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Journal of the Sydney University Veterinary Society , #21, 1959, p.24

The Journal of the Sydney University Veterinary Society published their 21st edition of Centaur (G.J. Stratford, Ed).

Sabrina Vet students

Who'd be a film star? Especially a busty blonde one? Well, Sabrina is, and Boy! did she get it. We had to pick on someone, and as Sabrina seemed to be fronting up well, we thought she'd make an ideal subject.

And so it came to pass that a prize dairy cow that would have sent Dr. Belschner into raptures, found her way on to the back of a Sugar Cartage truck early on the morning of Tuesday, 5th May [1959]. The dairy hands of the day (mostly second and third years) set to work to make her feel at home, and at nine o'clock there she stood, all set about with milk cans, proclaimed to the world as "Sabrina—the World Champion Milking Cow," her bony visage and chewed-rope tail resplendent in the morning sunlight.

Her owners, us, were very proud of her:
"Sabrina; beats any NORMAL cow!"
"10,000 gallons or BUST!"
and so on. Red Cross, the target of the day's fun, were not forgotten, either:

"Let RED CROSS fix your bust up,"
"Give your support to Red Cross — you don't need it!"
"Are you a Milk Donor?"

Somehow, we got past the tensors and proceeded to disrupt the commerce of the metropolis during the procession. Bods flying on and off the truck, running repairs to the signery, much clicking of cameras, and we were back through those hallowed gates once more.

By strange coincidence, all those milk cans happened to be half-filled with water, with which we liberally baptised the other floats, and there was also the traditional "post humus," which was likewise scattered thither and yon. The driver did NOT have a stroke, but the garbage man must have the next day, when he came to visit the dust-bins of the Vet. School.

The Committee's thanks must go to Sugar Cartage Ltd. for the loan of truck and old-buddy-driver once again, to Dairy Farmers for fifty milk-cans and sundry other muck, and also to Miss Osborne, who gave us much-needed last-minute moral support.

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