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It's the shape - not size that counts

Mirror , Perth (Western Australia)
24 December 1955

Britain's girl with the mostest in front — Sabrina — brushed off her rivals last week. Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

She explained just how she supports the figure that supports her.

Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes) achieved TV fame by doing nothing but appear on a comedy show. She never spoke on the program.

But last week she proved that she is not entirely dumb when she dealt with rivals who claimed they, too, could have achieved fame with Sabrina's breaks.

'Bunkum,' said the star, pushing out her 39 and a half inch chest.
'There are plenty of big busts, but it's the shape — not the size — that counts.
'My shape is perfect and I buy my bras off the hook in any chain store.'
'I don't have them specially made or alter the ones I buy — that would be cheating.'

Sabrlna, whose figure is naturally good, says she likes being mobbed by people who want to tear her clothes off.
'It's smashing — if you know what I mean,' she said.
'The women want to stroke me and the men sometimes go berserk — and it's all because of my bust.'
The 19-year-old golden-haired pin-up is determined to show critics that she can do something else besides look good in a sweater.

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