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Mirror (Perth) - Saturday 19 November 1955


Sabrina causes a riot 1955 An extravagantly curved blonde named Norma Sykes was in the news again in London this week.

She stopped the traffic in Newcastle for more than an hour. Women and children were near-trampled to death by men fighting to be near her. Norma was wearing a chaste all-covering sweater.

But she was autographing and distributing photographs of herself in a daring, utterly revealing off-the-shoulder evening frock.

Officiating at the opening of a pet shop, she threw hundreds of photographs from a window.
Men fought like furies for each photo.

Women wailed, children cried, police protested: 'Someone will be killed.'
Norma simply simpered and smiled.
Norma has plenty to smile about.

Toast of TV

Norma isn't Norma Sykes any more — she's Sabrina, the toast of British television.
Darling of 12,000,000 British televiewers, platinum-plated pride of the BBC, she has a mink coat, a Jaguar convertible — and she earns more money than the British Prime Minister.

She is described in Britain (with most un-British enthusiasm) as "busty lusty Sabrina, 1401b of proud girlhood with 39 and a half inch of it above the waist."

Two years ago she was a stumbling student, a poverty stricken model.
She posed nude for photographers and artists to pay the rent.
Then she appeared as 'the dumb blonde' in an Arthur Askey television show.
She didn't say a word but she did indicate each of the 39 and a half inches in an ultra-tight sweater.

For five hours after the show phones at the television studio did not stop ringing.
'Who is she?'
'What is the exact dimension?'
'Where do we get a photo?'
Sabrina averaged 1500 fan letters a day. From a talking, non-dancing, non speaking spot on a medium-rated comedy show she has cleavaged her way into fabulous fame, wondrous wealth — and that riot in Newcastle.
She averages 60 proposals of marriage a week.

Sabrina mobbed in Newcastle 7 Nov 1955

(Pic of Sabrina being mobbed in Newcastle is from a different source)

Dinkum Oil

An American oil millionaire has promised her a 'half-share.'
Two monkeys, a vintage champagne, a coffee bar and a brand new bra have been named~after her.
She has made one film and she is a semi-permanent fixture on the front cover of international 'girlie' magazines.
She commands hundreds of guineas for one brief personal appearance.
As a model she was not a success.
'I had too many curves. I overflowed the garments,' she confesses.
As a singer she was strictly off key.
'I'm taking lessons to make my voice as low and sexy as my figure,' she told one reporter.

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