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when June bought a dress from Sabrina

Daily Mirror
16 November 1957

Daily Mirror - by Noel Whitcomb
16 November 1957

OH, I say—look here! This is a rum show, chaps. In a week full of important scientific news, allegations of a Bank Rate leak and such — there is a matter of moment to millions that seems to have gone unnoticed.

SABRINA'S supremacy in her own special line is challenged. A young lady by the name of JUNE WILKINSON bought a dress from Sabrina — and had to have the bodice altered "because it wasn't big enough."

Miss Wilkinson (Sweet Seventeen) and Sabrina (Twenty-one-and-bust) are friends. They are both in the same way of business. They use the same dressmaker.

June saw a gold-and-white gown at the dressmaker's, and fell for it immediately. But it had been made for Sabrina. So June asked Sabrina — and Sabrina sold it to her. " I loved it but it was awfully tight," cooed June over the telephone yesterday.

"Not surprising, be cause Sabrina has such a pretty figure of forty-one on top - or is it forty-two?
"But silly little me has a forty-three so I had to let it out. After all, I couldn't go out in a dress that... er... could I?"
"Good lor', no." I said.
"But," went on Miss Wilkinson, "Sabrina in a sweet girl, and we have never really clashed anywhere. She has her work and I have mine."


"Yes," I said. "That is a brilliant summing up."
What she means, l think, is that it is a small world — but there are some big girls in it.

Note - Sabrina quashed this scurrilous slur on her comparative upstairs qualifications in our phone interview

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