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Stop being catty about Sabrina, girls!

And get yourself some sex appeal

Daily Mirror
3 July 1957

by Marjorie Proops

WHY are we women so mean to Sabrina? Why, whenever we see her picture filling large chunks of newsprint, do we sneer and snarl and sharpen our catty claws?

I've been wondering about this ever since Sabrina stole the show at Ascot, the way she steals the show wherever she goes. And I think I know the answer.

We are jealous. Just plain green-eyed with fury that this luscious babe has everything we wish we had, including a 41 inch bosom. Especially a 41 inch bosom.

I have never yet met a woman who had a kind word to say for Sabrina and I must admit that in the past I, too, have been guilty of mean little cracks about over-exposure by girls with hefty chest measurements.


Not that I've ever sneered at Sabrina herself. Having met her many times, I must acknowledge the fact that I think she is a very nice girl indeed, and very pretty, too.

Trouble is, she is so overwhelm¬ing that few people bother to look at her face. If they took the trouble, they couldn't help but admire that corn-coloured, silken hair, those big blue eyes, that creamy skin.

I WAS once, at a party with Sabrina who was, as usual, surrounded by a mob of goggle-eyed men, and one of them said to me: "Why - she's good-looking, too, Isn't she?"

I agreed with him, but you should have heard the nasty mutterings of the other women there.

Of course, they were all eaten up with envy at the electrifying effect Miss 41-19-36 was having on their men.

Their anxiety was understandable. But why, I wondered, didn't they make an effort to be a bit more sexy themselves, instead of being so catty about this young woman,

I personally am delighted she stole the Ascot show from some of the narrow-minded, not to say narrow-hipped and thin-lipped females who stared at her with such cold disapproval.

After all, it's not her fault that nature endowed her with a few extra inches. "But she flaunts them so," said one woman bitterly.

So would you, ma'am, if you had them to flaunt, I thought.

I was discussing the attitude of other women to Sabrina with Sabrina herself only yesterday. The dialogue went like this.

ME: Sabrina, it strikes me that although you are much admired by gents, females on the whole have very little sisterly affection for you. Any idea why?
S: Can't imagine.
ME: Well, what do you think about other women?
S.: I don't think anything about them. I just avoid them as much as I can.
ME: Do you think that women are very catty towards you?
S: I have a few... well, er... nice women friends. But on the whole the majority of them are catty. Yes, very catty. They all think I'm after their husbands.
ME: Do you reckon that woman regard you terrifying competition?"
S: Yes, of course.
ME: Are you?
S: Yes, of course.
ME: This bosom of yours. I've heard a lot of women say you ought to harness it and keep it under control. What's your view about that?"
S: I reckon my bosom is my own business, same as yours isn't it?
ME: Sure. Well thanks, dear.
S: Pleasure to have a chat.
ME: See you around. 'Bye.
S: Sure. 'Bye.

As you can see, Sabrina and I are the best of friends. Maybe because, by the strangest series of coincidences, I've never been able to introduce her to my husband.

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