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Click... phew! Sabrina proves that her waist is 19 inches.

Daily Mirror
11 March 1957

by Anthony Burton

WHAT a challenge to Sabrina — someone was suggesting that her vital statistics (41-19-36) were not entirely correct! Sabrina's 19" belt

"Ridiculous," said Sabrina last night.

She filled her lungs with the deepest breath she has ever taken. The result was fantastic. She held her breath long enough for a 19in. belt to be clipped round her waist — a feat that the maker of the belt, Mr. Zygfryd Szmidt , 34, said was impossible.

Mr. Szmidt, a Polish ex-soldier who keeps a handicraft shop in Plymouth, did not believe Sabrlna's claim to have a 19in, waist. "With a top measurement of 41, a 19in. waist is fantastic," he said.

Can't See It

He challenged Sabrina to wear the 19in, belt (laid out, it stretches across 12 columns of the Mirror) and promised he would give £25 to charity if she succeeded. I acted as referee last night.

While Sabrina concentrated on her deep breath, two strong men tugged and tugged until the belt buckle clicked closed.

"Is it on?" gasped Sabrina, peering down over her 41in. "I can't see it."

She wore the belt later for half an hour at a West End theatre during the recording of the radio show, "Askey Galore."

Afterwards she told me: "Tight? No, I wouldn't say that. I'm used to wearing tight things."
Of Mr. Szmtdfs £25 she said: "I would like the money to go to the Battersea Dog's Home.

But Mr. Szmidt said at Plymouth: "I'm not satisfled. I want to SEE Sabrina put the belt on

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