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Sabrina and Steve make it up

Daily Mirror
6 Feb 1957

GLAMOUR girl Sabrina HELD HANDS with her friend, American "tough guy" film star Steve Cochran, yesterday. She wasn't even TALKING to him last week.

The hand-holding was at London Airport, when Steve flew back to Rome to resume film-making after having a false tooth fitted in London.

When Steve ARRIVED at London Airport eight days ago Sabrina was NOT THERE to meet him — as he expected.


Sabrina gave out that she was upset by reading about Steve's film "clinches" with lovely Italian stars. Her attitude to Steve was then frigid...

How come the hand-holding yesterday, then? Sabrina explained last night hew she and Steve patched things up DOWN LAMBETH WAY.

My private photographer, Joe Matthews, wanted to bring Steve and me together again. So he fixed up meetings between us at the flat belonging to him and his wife in Black Prince-road, just off the Lambeth Walk.

"On four evenings Steve and I sat in the little flat and talked and talked.
"I played my record to Steve — 'I Want a Man.' On the other side is 'Persuade Me.' In a way our differences were patched up."

Joe Matthews said: " Sabrina's sarcasm to Steve was blistering at first, and I kept getting up to put on soft, soothing music.

"Do I think there will be any real romance? Well, there's a sparkle between them now, thanks to old Lambeth..."

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