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Sabrina - Big But Beautiful

DAILY EXPRESS, 24 November 1976

This is a special treat - the only photo we have of Sabrina after her wedding.

Sabrina - big but beautiful

DAILY EXPRESS 24 November 1976
Letters section

THE article on big busted girls by Sally O'Sullivan really amused me.. Being the owner of what is known as an "over-sized bosom," I understand the embarrassments well-endowed females experience.

But as my husband constantly reminds me, I have something: lots of women envy. And look what it did for Norma Sykes of Cheshire, who is better known as Sabrina. Would she have achieved such success with boobs measuring a mere 34in.?

(Mrs.) J. NORMAN, Littlehampton, Sussex.

SABRINA is photographed above earlier this year at her luxurious home in California. After a showbusiness career which began as a busty dumb blonde in Arthur Askey shows, she married wealthy German gynaecologist Dr. Harold Melsheimer in 1967. But according to latest reports, sadly, the marriage is breaking up.

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