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A Debut for Sabrina

Daily Express, 25 September 1958

OVER at the Don Juan Club there was another occasion in the making. At one o'clock this morning Sabrina, the girl who came from Blackpool a few short years ago as Norma Sykes, was making her debut in West End cabaret. Her salary, say the publicists, is £500 a week. It is probably not less than £300.

The reservation cards at the packed ringside tables read like an international Who's Who. The Maharajah and Maharani of Jaipur, the Duke of Bedford, the Air Minister, George Ward, Charles Clore, Burt Lancaster.

And, of course, the big fella, Tommy Yeardye, who helped Sabrina with all her rehearsals.

The last line of her act; "Now you know she's real."

Sabrina debut cabaret 1958 - Don Juan Club

A shimmering dress, glittering jewellery - Sabrina's big night

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