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Mr. Muscles and Sabrina take to the horses

Daily Express
15 September 1958

And Diana Dors says: I only hope she benefits from my experience

by Alfred Draper

MUSCLE man Tommy Yeardye , ex-business manager to Diana Dors, is going into partnership with Sabrina. She wants to buy a farm.

And the man who last week was said to have "no means of livelihood" wants to look after the horses.
Yesterday they talked about it — Yeardye in a Mediterranean blue suit, Sabrina in Cambridge blue matador pants.
"I just love horses," cooed Sabrina. "I want a place where mum and dad can stay — and I can rest."

£5,000 deals

At the time of Yeardye's bust-up with Diana (over her safe deposit and other matters) he was running her farm.
Between them Yeardye and Sabrina intend to spend £5,000 on horses. In the next few days they will look at likely places.
After lunch yesterday Yeardye drove from his semi-detached house in Mill Hill where he lives with his mother to Sabrina's flat in Knightsbridge, where she lives with her mother.

Then with "Mum" in the back, and Sabrina beside him, he drove them to a farm near Elstead, Surrey.
Sabrina stroked the nose of a white pony called Fanning. Said Yeardye: "That's the one that took a piece out of Diana's leg."
The air seemed to chill.
He went on: "Diana was always a bit jealous of Sabby. She considered she was her biggest rival."

"What do you mean 'biggest rival'?" Sabrina challenged. "As a girl friend or in show business?"
Yeardye: "Show business — of course."


Was there no romance between them?
Sabrina coolly: "We are just friends."
Said Yeardye: "I just think Sabrina is the most wonderful girl. But it's true we are just friends."
Still stroking the horse's nose. Sabrina said tartly: "I don't like other people's cast-offs."
Mr. Muscles looked shocked. "That was rather nasty." he said,

UP IN BLACKPOOL, Diana Dors skipped out of rehearsal and said: "I hope Sabrina benefits from my experience. She's a nice girl..."

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