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Out-of-fashion figures are streamlined in hospital

Daily Express - 2 Sept 1957

Now - the turn of the tide
It seems we are in for an era of deflation

Out-of-fashion figures are streamlined in hospital

HUNDREDS of women in Britain, including many professional models, are undergoing major operations simply to make their vital statistics less vital, Mr. Patrick Clarkson, a leading plastic surgeon, reveals today.
The number of women who are having their busts reshaped has doubled in the last 10 years at the hospital in London where most of the operations are performed.

Despite the popularity of Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Sabrina and other full-bosomed women, most of the operations are for reduction of the bust in order to fit in with present fashions.
"An increasing number of women are dissatisfied with what they have got," Mr. Clarkson writes in 'The Practitioner.'
"A bust which is wide of the currently fashionable mark is a serious social, economic, and psychological disadvantage to a woman in the professional classes,
"A girl's feelings about her bulky bosom may adversely affect her whole adjustment to life.
"I consider it entirely reasonable and proper medicine that such feelings should be offered relief by surgery."
Some of the operations have been carried out free under the Health Service, but most have been done privately.
Women are no longer content to put up with special eras and other artificial aids when surgery can give them a figure they can show off in a bikini.

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