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Bosomy Sabrina Gets Sack!

Associated Press.
Spotted in The Calgary Herald, 16 Jan 1956

LONDON (AP) - The brief television career of bosomy Sabrina who appeared in eight straight TV shows without once opening her mouth, has been abruptly curtailed.

The showgirl who rocketed to prominence on a 40-inch bustline and the silence of a dumb belle was invited to lend a little uplift and brief remarks to a musical Saturday night.

Sabrina accepted the booking, but declined an invitation to attend two days of rehearsals beforehand. She asserted she didn't need rehearsals to put herself across to the viewers.

Producer Ronnie Taylor stood in for her for the first day's run-through. Then came a message from the 19-year-old Sabrina saying she would not show up until just before the show went on the air.

THAT DID IT. The BBC hired Corinne Grey , who has a 37-inch bust and sings as well, to handle the part. And BBC contract manager cabled the sultry Sabrina - in her real name of Norma Sykes - "Your contract is cancelled."

Another newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen, had the sense to include this pic

Sabrina get the sack

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