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Sabrina's A Dumb Blonde - But Wise

The Argus, 13 October 1955

LONDON, Wednesday: Sabrina's in the mink. Literally. The blonde and buxom TV gimmick girl has just bought her first mink stole - out of "personal appearance" earnings.

She has worn mink before. She borrowed the furs. This one - a £ 500 pastel mink wrap - is her own. She paid the final instalment a few days ago.

Sabrina in the mink

"Not many girls of 19 can buy their own - mink," says the girl who kept silent on TV. She's right.

And not many girls of 19 can get a mink for not doing much more, than being the famous possessor of an outsize bustline.

Sabrina has made more than 50 paid personal appearances in the last six months.

She doesn't always get money! Once she was given a £150 bed- room' suite for opening a shop. Another time it was a radiogram.

At Leeds, In May, nine policemen were called out to control the crowds who went to see her when she opened a furniture store (FEE £75).

At Blackpool, crowds caused such a traffic jam when she was due to open a shoe shop that police begged, her to arrive half an hour earlier (FEE £75).

"For being seen at a furniture store in Sheffield,' she was "worth every penny," according to a director (FEE £100).

When a local celebrity presented prizes at the show last year, 8,000 people attended. With Sabrina on show instead, there was a record crowd of 10,000.

Soon Sabrina plans to buy a new £700 car and a house out of her earnings from a new TV contract.

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