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Unsolved Sabrina Mysteries

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How big are they?

There are unsolved problems that cannot be explained. Adam Sandler's continued career is one. Scrapbooks with undated and cryptic articles are another.

People whom history has forgotten doing interesting things with Sabrina is one too.

Here are the ones I have no clue about...

A Nudical Mystery

Countess Anastasia of Siberia sent me the following amazing shot that bears no resemblance to any other Sabrina photoshoot. It certainly looks like Sabrina.

Sabrina in nylons and little else

And now - if this is Sabrina - here is a rare undocumented nude that must be from the same undated photoshoot. She is wearing the same shoes, knickers, nylons...

But why would she do another nude photoshoot if the first one was so regrettable?
Her bust has certainly developed, so it seems to me that this pair pix was taken a couple of years after the infamous nudes when she was 16.
So - maybe they were shot in 1954?

Sabrina was never a fan of porn or overtly sexual pix. So when, where, and why did she have these pix taken?
We may never know.

Please tell me if you (1) don't think this is Sabrina, or (2) know why she did the photoshoot.

Found in a scrapbook sent by helpful Alan Moore in 2015. Please let me know if you can help identify the significance of the people or event. I'd be grateful.

The date and identity of the magazine are unknown.

It is probably after Sabrina's return from New Zealand and arrival in Queensland (14 September 1959).

The cause of the event is unknown. Original captions are shown.

Sabrina at Bill Graves' Casa de Blanca 1959

"Les" Simon of STUDIO PHOTOS endeavouring to line up the Graves and SABRINA for a group photo.

Sabrina at Bill Graves' Casa de Blanca 1959

Britain's film, stage and TV start SABRINA, with Bill and Sophie Graves, of Surfers Paradise, who entertained her at their Broadbeach home, Casa Blanca del Rio.

Sabrina at Bill Graves' Casa de Blanca 1959

The cut-off caption refers to "Ray Bolwell", but it was not Sabrina's manager.
Melbourne's ' The Argus ' ( 1 July 1950 p.9 ) referred to "Mr and Mrs Ray Bolwell in their favourite cottage for four months' sunbaking."

In the same para, "Near completion of dream house at Surfers' Paradise for Sophy [sic] and Bill Graves." If it were Sabrina's Ray, he would have been married at 16! The name is quite a coincidence, though.

Sabrina at Bill Graves' Casa de Blanca 1959

Host and hostess Bill and Sophie Graves with their exotic guest SABRINA.

Sabrina at Bill Graves' Casa de Blanca 1959

Sabrina autographing copies of the Gold Coast magazine for the Editor.

Sabrina at Bill Graves' Casa de Blanca 1959

Britain's fabulous stage, screen and TV star SABRINA relaxing at Bill and Sophie Graves' Broadbeach home, "Casa Blanca del Rio", during a Sunday morning "at home" held for the star.

In a fruitless search for references to the Graves family, all I could find was "23 May 1950: Raid on Windjammer Restaurant Surfers Paradise. Proprietress Sophie Graves and waiter Anthony Buhaglar charged with serving booze."


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