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At Home With Sabrina

Spick And Span Extra
Spring 1956

Provided by the noble Sir David Jackson

Well, they say that once you've seen Sabrina you've seen all that's worth seeing as far as beautiful women are concerned.

Sabrina at home

It's certainly true that Sabrina was launched as the girl who should be seen and not heard, and when you come to think of it that's a fair comment. Why is it a fair comment? Because when a man is in the presence of glamour he's quite content to look and not listen. Having to listen detracts from his line of vision.

Sabrina on the phone
Sabrina talks (or is she just listening?)

Sabrina at home is just as good to look at as she is on the stage. So as maybe most of you have seen her on the stage, or one the films, or on TV, we bring you these home photographs of the current phenomenon of showbiz, and if you want to sit back in your chair and concentrate, go ahead.

Sabrina on the carpet

If someone insists on talking to you, say, for instance, your devoted wife, go some place else where you can be alone.

Sabrina on the striped chair

What about this as a perfect cure for work-weary eyes?

Sabrina on the phone

And what about this as the girl you'd most like to be at home with?

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