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Programme SIR?

Spick #15, Feb 1955 - Pre-Sabrina!
Once again, David J has come up with some notable goodies - to wit, Norma Ann Sykes on the verge of becoming Sabrina. Thanks once more, David!
This British Empire Cancer Campaign organised a variety show recently at Collins Music Hall, Islington, the proceeds of which went to swell their fund for fighting this most deadly of man's ills.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Artistes who gave their services freely and generously included Jack Train , Avis Scott , Maudie Edwards , Janet Brown , Ralph Reader and Hughie Diamond .

Also there were six SPICK and SPAN lovelies, including, of course, Miss SPICK herself. With glamour radiating from them they took over the selling of the programmes. Patrons found themselves confronted with irresistible charm as they entered the theatre and they coughed up for programmes with a speed and a generosity that ensured a complete sell-out.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Jack Train introduces six SPICK lovelies to the audience.
Left to right, Norma Ann Sykes , Beryl Hunter, Shirley Ann Field, Jack Train, Sally Elgar-Lee, Audrey Hill, Gloria.

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