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Blackpool Blonde

Span #6 , Feb 1955

Kindly scanned at high resolution and sent to the Sabrinasite for a New Year's thrill by Sir David J .
This is very early pre-Sabrina stuff from February 1955.
Note her measurements in these early days - she went on to add 2.5" to her bust and take 6" off her waist!

Photographs by Russell Gay

sabrina in span feb 55

Blackpool Blonde - Norma Ann Sykes, Britain's latest pin-up discovery, is featured in this issue on pages 36-39.

NORMA ANN SYKES , just coming into her own as photographers' model and magazine pin-up girl, is a 17-year-old lassie from Blackpool.

sabrina in span feb 55
In the mood for a serious talk with the taxman.

She lives in London now, makes artificial jewellery — sometimes for the stars of stage and screen — and likes doing all the pleasant things that help a young lady to enjoy a pleasant existence. Like dancing, cinema-going, dining out and watching people go by.

sabrina in span feb 55
Wide Awake and Playful

Norma likes London because there are so many more dances, so many more cinemas, so many more restaurants and so many more people. Norma likes life. This doesn't mean there's no life in Blackpool, for the gaiety and brightness of Blackpool in the summertime can't be found anywhere else in Britain. Norma is just like the breath of that gaiety and brightness.

sabrina in span feb 55
O what a find for a Blackpool beachcomber!

Jane Russell might well look with friendly rivalry upon Norma, for this blonde charmer from Lancashire has the natural assets to make her one of Jane's serious competitors. Measurements of her natural assets are bust 39" — waist 24" — hips 37" — height 5' 6". How's that? Well, in cricket parlance, in and out, really.

sabrina in span feb 55

Caption: I walked round every store in the West End today for a pair of shoes. I don't know why. They kill me.

Of course, Norma was too good to just write about, so we got Russell Gay to photograph her for our readers. How's she doing, fellers?

Caption: Norma's most embarrassing moment was when her skirt was caught in the door of her dentist's waiting room, and it seemed like every man in London was in there waiting to have his teeth out.

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