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Elementary My Dear Watson

Point , July 1956

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Holmes would not need his magnifying glass to study the charms of these intriguing "cases." Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED what Sherlock Holmes, the great fictional detective of London, might do if he were around today? Most of his brilliant deductions on crime and criminals could be duplicated and surpassed by modern police lab methods. Perhaps the great detective might turn his deductive powers to other fields, like the Twentieth-Century phenomenon known as the "glamor model" He who drew volumes of conclusions from a lady's exposed finger, should have a field day with today's overly-exposed feminine charmers.

CASE OF THE MISSING BEAUTY. Sabrina, girl to the right, was a top favorite on British TV screens for many months. Then suddenly she disappeared - was never seen on another show. Why? "Obvious - the woman had too superior a frontal development for the conservative-minded British producers-in other words, she was too sexy."

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