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Play magazine, 9 April 1959
Pages 14-15


According to an old English legend, the original Sabrina's main claim to distinction was the fact that she possessed the "original" wicked step-mother. She paid for her good looks by being tossed, at an early age, into the river which flowed by her father's castle, and to which she is supposed to have given her name—it's called the Severn, Poet John Milton immortalized her in verse.

The modern Sabrina, in her own curvaceous way, is equally poetic. Born in the big English midlands city of Blackpool, she grew up every bit as beautiful as her historic namesake. Starting to sing at an early age, she went to London to seek her fortune.

Producer Jack Hilton saw her — and was conquered. He promptly put her in a show, where she became an immediate hit. And ever since, the name of Sabrina has taken on a new meaning in the world of the musical theater.

Sabrina presents her audience with a fine 37-24-36 inch figure, a first-class singing voice and she can turn a dance into something even better than a choreographer can imagine.


Sabrina 1959

PIC- Sabrina fair, England's entry in the international beauty stakes, is the kind of natural blonde that can stop a crowd in the busiest business street just by strolling by.)

Sabrina 1959

Says Sabrina, "It's not the tape but the cup that counts and my cup runneth over." Her profile fully supports that confident statement.

Sabrina 1959

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