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Pix (Australia) July 1966

Sabrina and Barry O'Dowd 1966

WATCH singer BARRY O'DOWD. This versatile young artist has just returned home after a two-year stay in England.

He made the "big-time" there with appearances with Tommy Steele, Kenny Ball, The Ink Spots, Jerry Marsden and - lucky fellow! - Sabrina.

Since his arrival home things have never looked brighter for Barry.

He has just signed a contract with Sydney's Phillip Theatre to play the leading role in its production "Red White and Blue,” which opens at the Doncaster Theatre, Kensington, Sydney, a new venture for the William Orr organisation.

Already TV stations in Sydney and Melbourne have made tempting offers to Barry and contracts have been signed for a one-hour special, which will be produced in Sydney.

Barry has been hailed as Australia's Al Jolson. Personally, I don’t like to see our home-grown entertainers labelled "Australia's Bing Crosby", "Australia's Frank Sinatra", or "Australia's anything!" as this can often be a handicap to a unique talent and personality that should stand on its own merits. But the label applied to Barry gives you an idea of his verve and craftsmanship.

Barry O'Dowd - Australian vocalist, born Melbourne 17th March 1934, died Parramatta 1 August 1982. Did some singing inbetween.

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