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1 March 1961

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Australians were impressed by Sabrina's talents when she came here but Americans were downright awe-struck when the buxom British blonde bounced ashore on Manhatten Island.

Once they got their breath back, though, they registered exuberant admiration, and when Sabrina, with an escort, went out to see the sights, she found that she herself was classified as one of the sights that just had to be seen.

the aquarium's walrus tried to crawl into her lap

Her New York triumph began with a visit to Coney Island, where the aquarium's walrus tried to crawl into her lap. Then she appeared in a swimsuit, and life-of-the-party beach-types turned handsprings. Some of her admirers cheered, others were content to stand and stare. After a swim, Sabrina called for strong tea.

Sabrina at the boxing

A boxer who took his eyes off his opponent to wink at Sabrina was knocked out

That evening, she went to the fights, where the fans greeted her with appreciative stamping and whistling. The star told her escort, "I think it's a brutal sport, but I love the boxers."

The boxers loved her - especially Al Milone, who kept looking her way and winking, until he was knocked out in the fifth.

I don't want them to touch me, though

Shortly afterwards, Sabrina was swept away to a steak-and-champagne supper at the Round Table nightclub, where her round table quickly filled with men. Asked how she felt about creating a riot wherever she went, Sabby explained, "If men want to whistle and stare as I walk by, that's perfectly all right. I don't want them to touch me, though . If their outbursts are expressions of approval, I think it's wonderful."

Despite fervent outbursts of approval from the gentlemen at the Roundtable, however, Sabrina concentrated her attention on another boxer - the owner's dog. She finished dinner with this boxer's nose resting on her shoulder.

he hit two other cabs

New York's last tribute for the night came from a cab driver, who said he wouldn't dream of charting to drive Sabrina home. he had some difficulty keeping his eyes on the road on on the way to Sabby's hotel he hit two other cabs - but only grazing bumps which did no damage but which vastly improved Sabrina's acquaintance with the American argot.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes
Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes
Sabrina at the beach
A life-of-the-party beach type turned handsprings when Sabrina took a stroll along the beach. Other admirers gaped.

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