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Film and TV Parade #13, Undated.

Editor's note: this is a particularly nasty article by a spiteful Fleet Street ratbag.


NORMA SYKES (sometimes known as Sabrina) allowed one shoulder strap to slide down her smooth, pink arm. Then she gently slipped the other strap over her shapely shoulder, and fiddled with a fastening or two to complete the unveiling.

The photographer licked his lips agitatedly, and applied his eye to the camera's viewfinder. This was an historic occasion. Not since father did duty on Norma's bath-nights had any man seen what he was seeing. . . .

We don't show the portrait with which he later emerged from his dark­room.


To be truthful, for all Nature's abundance, Sabrina hardly knew how to display the goods she was cashing in on. She looks in the photo a little cold . . . maybe because the photo­grapher couldn't take his lens off her for two hours. She looks as though her mind's not on the job . . . maybe she's thinking of the fifteen bob the bare-skin pose will earn her.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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Yes, FIFTEEN BOB! That's right. The price of a seat at the Windmill. Now she could charge a king's ransom, and there'd be a hundred clients willing to pay it for the privilege of getting her image on their film. But naturally Sabrina won't play. Unclothed, the lady's not for yearning.



Time has changed Sabrina. She's learned all about men: those who want to buy her and those who want to bruise her. They're the kind who hover round, like moths about a flame, and make her say, cynically, "There are only two kinds of men - babies with cheque books and babies with muscles."


Behind the wolves, peering over their shoulders, Sabrina sees the photographers. She's kind of cynical about them. Early days in her curvy career, Norma would smile and pose for minutes on end at film premieres, wondering idly why no one popped his bulb. Then came the call: "Drop your gloves and handbag, honey."

Those twin phenomena soon to be known as the contents of the best-filled bra in Show Business!

Obediently, Sabrina stooped, and as one man the camera boys craned their necks and clicked, going blue with the effort of keeping the goods in focus while all but tucking their lenses down her cleavage.

Sabrina nearly sitting in a chair

And if your heart was in your mouth when you looked at the photos they took, that's nothing. SABRINA'S WAS NEARLY IN HER LAP. Not that she worried. They were all good for publicity, and in next to no time she no sooner caught sight of a baby brownie than she dropped her bag and gloves like hot cakes, then hovered bat-like, with her neckline jiggling at waist level.


In the wake of fame, trailed shame. The shame of those "naughty" nude poses, which appeared in a Chelsea shop not long back, and attracted no less celebrated a customer than Sabrina herself, who tore up a handful and threatened to sue if more were sold. It's hard luck on Norma Sykes if at sixteen she is forced to let men take long, lingering glances at her unveiled form. But it's not hard luck when that same form earns her an easy life at twenty. So she can hardly blame business men for cashing in on her treasure chest, after she voluntarily displayed it to them. IT'S ONLY WHAT SHE'S BEEN DOING!

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