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The Glamorous Headline Hunters

Modern Man, April 1959

Courtesy of Lord Reg

Sabrina , England's busty Goddess of Glamour, had lost her dress in the street the night before. Untold millions of cups of coffee cooled while Britishers hastily read the spicy details and ogled over pictures emphasizing the bountiful bosom of their favorite female.

According to newspaper accounts. the incident had occurred when the astoundingly well-stacked showgirl was leaving a theater in Birkenhead and attempting to get to
her car through a crowd of admirers. Eyewitnesses said someone put his foot on the train of her skin-tight, black velvet evening gown just as another person shoved her
forward. Witnesses heard a loud ripping sound - and then the bosomy beauty was standing there bare to the waist.

Sabrina sits beautifully in a chair

“She looked like a nude figure from a Rubens painting,” said one witness. The newspaper accounts went on to say how shocked and embarrassed Sabrina was when she found herself disrobed in such a startling fashion. She was so shocked. in fact. that she completely forgot to cover her bare bosom with her arms (a gesture that most women would have performed instinctively), Finally Sabrina did something else which many women do in times of panic - she fainted.

A near riot ensued as the throng of male onlookers surged forward to offer assistance. Police were quickly summoned to the scene and despite subsequent investigations, it was never determined who was responsible for Sabrina's public peeling. It never occurred to most Englishmen that the incident was anything but an accident.

But insiders say that the whole thing was staged by Sabrina's own press agents.
Sabrina’s zany publicity stunt is not an isolated phenomenon. Many celebrities think they are becoming "has beens" the minute the newspapers and fan magazines are not doting on their every movement. And since most celebrities would rather die than vanish from the limelight, it is hardly surprising that they will stand on their heads to stay in the public eye.

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