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Ten Top Glamour Photographers


Whitestone Magazine

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The glamorous British beauty, Sabrina, started her career as one of England's most sought after photography models and went on to become a top TV star. When Gigli visited London, he spent an entire afternoon photographing her at home, using Leicas. Illumination was kept simple, consisting of only two strobes, one bounced from the ceiling, one from the wall...

Sabrina in bed - Gigli article

Great performers, actresses, and particularly film players know this secret of naturalness. At the other end of the scale are girls posing for the first time. I invariably find that they want to strike attitudes and poses of distorted meaning. They scarcely know what makes them beautiful. They feel that having entered the exciting atmosphere of the photographer's studio, they must project a synthetic and artificial personality. The chin recedes into the bosom, the eyes cast themselves heavenward with a pseudo-angelic stare and the lips part to reveal, alas, not a languorous expectation, but a snarl.

Sabrina in bed - Gigli article

So many models feel that they must look sinful to look sexy — since they often equate the two. That is why very good girls immediately affect the sinful look when they get in front of the glamour photographer's camera. Girls who are more worldly find nothing sinful in the lapse and are more apt to look thoroughly wholesome when facing the lens.

If, for the purpose of an assignment, I must make a woman look wicked, then I prefer that she should have the kind of wickedness in her face that she might have if she were alone at home, quite unaware that anyone is watching her. Then, the seductiveness in her face would be a natural one, in conformity with her personality.

Sabrina in bed - Gigli article

(Many a lad has daydreamed of being in the image above, I suspect - Mark)

Sabrina in bed - Gigli article
The image above was not in the article, but I believe it's from the same shoot.

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