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Escapade interviews Sabrina

Vol 3 Num 6, October 1958

Courtesy of Reg M

Does anyone get the feeling that this is a purely invented 'interview'?
Sabrina simply does not use phrases like "lusty lavishness" or "arrested development" - Ed.

Hardly able to keep his eyes on his notebook, an Escapade editor had the following delightful chat with Britain's new sex-bomb during her recent visit to MM-land.

Q. First of all Sabrina. this is your first trip to the United States. In the short time you've been here, have you formed any opinions?

A. Oh, yes! To start off with. I'm in love with America and American men! I mean it. I'm fond of certain English gentlemen, of course, and a very special titled continental chap I know is charming.

Q. Is that Prince Christian of Hanover?

A. Oh, now, let's talk about American men. I think I can say truly that I see eye-to-eye with them. I hope that's the proper way of expressing it - even though their eyes stray very flatteringly at times.

Q. What is it you like about American men?

A. Well, the United States itself has the life, luxury and lusty lavishness to please any girl who's really feminine (and they tell me I am) and what is even more appealing is that you American males have the same attractive qualities. Unfortunately, though, this visit will be all too short. I won't be able to meet one-fiftieth of the men I’d like to, On this holiday I’m limited to a fortnight during which I have to do a television show and visit Hollywood. Then, two weeks later I have to be back in London at the Prince of Wales Theatre to rejoin my show The Pleasures of Paris . Then I have to do a cinema in Italy and go on a tour of Australia. That means it will be a full year at least before I can come back and spend some time here and relax - I mean really relax – with you.

Q. Sabrina, some of your European critics accuse Americans of being puritanical and prim and strait-laced. Have you found this to be true?

A. I don't see that at all. Not the way you enjoy Brigitte Bardot and Gina Lollobrigida and your own cute Marilyn Monroe. And the way - even in the brief while I've been here - that you've welcomed me with open arms.

Q. Are European audiences fed up with bosoms? A Spanish film actress. Sarita Montiet recently said so.

A. Sounds like publicity. Fed up with bosoms?

Q. That's what she said.

A. Well, I think it's wishful thinking or a case of sour grapes or arrested development on her part. At any rate I don't think it's true and in a way it's an uncalled-for insult to European men, many of whom have excellent taste, It is a fact. though, that you Americans are much more appreciative of well-developed bosom beauty in a woman than are most continental males. Please don't change! I think it's a fine outlook - a nice, virile, masculine outlook.

Q. Then all attempts to explain it as something odd or unusual or infantile are just bunk?

A. Look, if it's healthy for a girl to be round and firm and fully developed, it’s healthy for a boy to admire it. Over here you men - whatever your age – prove you’re young at heart when you do, and women - real womanly women. that is - if anything, rather enjoy it I think.

Q. Is it true, Sabrina, that you are considering insurance on your bust?

A. You see, this area of my anatomy has become so well-known and played up in the press that for professional reasons my manager felt that we should have the size and contour of my bust insured by Lloyd's of London.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina insures her breasts

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Q. The report we heard called it an unusual policy because it contains a special clause protecting you against 'shrinkage."

A. Please don't use the word "shrinkage." I don't care for it, I prefer to use the term “deflation." According to the terms of the agreement, Lloyd's insures that my bust measurement will never go below 40 inches. If it should they have agreed to pay me $15,000 per inch annually. They're not taking much of a risk, really, because my bosom measurement at present is 41½ inches. That's half an inch larger than Jayne Mansfield's. I believe, and I'm still growing.

Q. What are the other statistics?

A. Statistics? Oh, well, my waist is 17 inches, if that's what you mean. One thing I enjoy about you Yanks is your delightful sense of humor, I found it even among your shopkeepers and civil servants. One of your customs men, for instance, made a little joke when he asked me if I had "filled out my form." I really didn't expect it! And one droll chap on the Steve Allen television program referred to my strap-less gown as "an atomic dress ' because it was 'ninety percent fall-out!" Isn’t that amusing?

Q. That obviously wasn't one of the "sack" dresses, then.

A. You men over here are so concerned about this look in our clothes and about hiding our figures. Personally. I can't see that it makes much difference what the designers design. If nature has endowed a girl with the right parts in the right proportions, no new style is going to really hide them. One way or another they'll pop up and be apparent. It's just that in a sack they may look like potatoes. But even in sacks, sex will still be sex and, as someone once said, "Vive le difference!"

Q. Speaking of clothes, what about your night clothes?

A. I don t quite understand why there should be so much interest in my boudoir habits. Well, actually, at home I slip into either a shortie silk night gown – the shorter and frillier the better - or a brief pajama top. But, frankly, the hotels here in New York are so warmly heated that I've been climbing in between the sheets these nights in the altogether and, even with the windows wide open, I must confess that I’m still hot!

Q. Sabrina. Did you know that the National Fan Clubs have named you "The Most Provocative Star of 1958?"

A. You're so titillating! is it any wonder that I want to hug you Americans close to my heart? And, honestly. what other country would think to call one of its mountain ranges the Grand Tetons?

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